Thank you for your interest in ordering a fabric face mask!  This page has some helpful information and frequently asked questions, for you to review before ordering your mask.
  • Please fully read and review THIS page, published on the CDC's website, regarding the use of fabric masks and why they are helpful to wear.
  • WARNING:  Risk of suffocation.  Not intended for children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  • DISCLAIMER:  A fabric mask is not medical grade, and is not as protective as an N95 or surgical medical mask.  This mask is intended to reduce the transmission of large droplets only, as studies have shown that they are helpful in reducing the spread of illness in community settings.  Please be aware that there are no guarantees of full protection from contracting Covid-19 or any other illness by simply wearing this mask.  The decision to wear this mask is solely on your own, and should also be accompanied by regular hand washing and social distancing.  Please be sure to review the proper techniques on the CDC link above for placement, wearing, and removal of your mask to avoid contamination of your hands or face.
  • All fabrics have been pre-washed in hot water, and dried on high temperatures before assembly.  This helps the fabric shrink if needed before assembly, and reduces the possibility of color bleeding later on.  This also ensures that the fabric is fully clean before assembly.
  • Masks are made to order in our home.  Work surfaces are regularly sanitized and cleaned to reduce any chance of contamination.  There may be slight variances in the sizing and stitching of each mask, due to the handmade nature of each item.
  • Masks may be machine washed in hot water, and tumble dried on low or hang dried.

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